Does it bother you when elected officials forget that they are employees and servants of the people, and act as if they are our masters?  It certainly bothers me; and I have worked hard in Raleigh to do something about it.  I know that when you vote for someone for public office, it is as if you have personally hired that person to do a job.  While no public official is ever going to please absolutely everyone, he/she should at least be responsive to the concerns of the people, and not be indifferent to their rights, BECAUSE THE PEOPLE MATTER.    


To me, it is an appalling idea to offer the benefits of citizenship to illegal aliens, while legal immigrants get no such break, and we have to bear the burden of it through our taxes.  While I do not advocate cruelty to anyone, my feeling is that the only thing illegal aliens should be considered to have the right to do in North Carolina is to leave.  I do feel that those who obey the immigration laws as they come into our country could be treated more fairly than they sometimes are.  For instance, if a husband and father follows the law and qualifies to come into this country, he should be allowed to bring his wife and children with him right away.  He should not have to wait several years, seeing them only once or twice a year, as often is the case.  However, those who ignore our immigration laws should not have to break any other law to be deported.  They have already committed a criminal act just by being here.  They should not be allowed to prosper or receive any special benefits as the result of breaking our laws.


The right to own property is one of the most cherished hallmarks of American citizenship.  In the Bill of Rights in the US Constitution, the Fourth Amendment states

that the people have the right “to be secure in their persons, houses, papers, and effects.”

Although the Fifth Amendment does allow for the taking of private property for public

use, that should never be done in a manner that disregards the citizens’ rights to be secure

in our homes.  As the matter stands today, especially in light of the US Supreme Court’s

Kelo decision, we need our legislators to make it more difficult, not easier, for government entities to deprive citizens of their private property.  As a member of the NC House,  I have supported the passage of legislation,  possibly even an amendment to our State Constitution, that would put the property rights of our citizens above the whims of irresponsible government entities.  I have supported efforts to enact such rigorous restrictions on the exercise of eminent domain that government entities would have to think long and hard before doing such a thing to any of our citizens, BECAUSE THE PEOPLE MATTER.


I was an adamant supporter of legislation that eliminated forced annexation and requires that all annexation must be voluntary.  People who have purchased homes or lands in rural areas because they do not wish to live in the city have the right to keep their rural status.  Therefore, I have repeatedly offered legislation to eliminate Extraterritorial Jurisdiction, so that municipalities would no longer have the power to exercise zoning authority over citizens outside of their corporate limits.  I have also opposed exceptions to the rules about satellite annexations.  Annexation rules must not be bent to suit the schemes of city governments; and the people should be allowed an authoritative voice in whether they will be annexed, BECAUSE THE PEOPLE MATTER.


Without the right to keep and bear arms, the people have no means of securing their freedom.  The framers of the US Constitution understood this, having recently had to

exercise that right themselves.  They knew that, in spite of their best efforts, the day

might come when the people would once more have to rise up against an oppressive

government and reassert their rights.  This is why the State of North Carolina refused to ratify the US Constitution until a Bill of Rights was added, including The Right to Keep and Bear Arms.  The right to defend one’s home and family and one’s own life was also important to them, as was the right to hunt.  Nothing has changed about that, except, unfortunately, a lot of misinformed people’s attitudes.  I am an NRA member and a member of Grass Roots North Carolina, and fully support the Second Amendment.  I continually advocate for constitutional carry in this State.  I consider any law that makes it harder for law abiding citizens who have not committed any crime to exercise their right to obtain, keep and bear arms to be a violation of the Second Amendment and thus unconstitutional.  All such laws should be repealed, and the focus should be on punishing those who commit criminal acts, not hindering honest citizens in exercising their rights.  Supporters of the Second Amendment have no greater friend in the North Carolina General Assembly than I, BECAUSE THE PEOPLE MATTER.


Wasteful spending and government involvement in matters where the government has

no legitimate business must be curtailed, and taxation reduced accordingly.  I have supported the reduction and elimination of income taxes, both corporate and personal, in this State.  The reductions we have made have vastly improved our State’s economy; but we need to do more.  The changes we have made in the gasoline tax have stopped the yo-yo effect and stabilized those taxes somewhat.  I have supported that.  There should never be any tax on inheritance or investment.  Money invested is already taxed enough when initially earned.  Maybe that could be reduced, also, if the government stuck to things the government should be doing and stayed out of matters such as “the Arts,” mass transit, and incentives programs for big business.  The government needs to learn that our money is not theirs to take and use irresponsibly.  Honest, hard-working citizens should not be struggling to make ends meet, because they are over-taxed for the sake of wasteful government spending.  I want to continue to lower your tax burden, BECAUSE THE PEOPLE MATTER.


The first priority and main function of legitimate government is to defend innocent human life, from conception until natural death, and to punish those who violate it.

I have adamantly advocated for legislation to have abortion, infanticide, and euthanasia recognized for what they are—murder—and severely punished.  Because human life, created in the image of God, is sacred, anyone who commits premeditated murder in any form forfeits his/her own right to life.  Therefore, I support the death penalty for first degree murder, no matter where the victim may be on the continuum between conception and natural death.  While some argue against the death penalty on the basis that some death row inmates have been exonerated by DNA evidence after the fact, I say that it works both ways.  If DNA can prove that the wrong person has been convicted (and it is wonderful when an innocent person is thus set free), then it can also be used to determine more accurately that the right person has been convicted, thus allowing for greater confidence in the use of the death penalty when appropriate. The Bible says, “Thou shalt not suffer a murderer to live.”  Someone guilty of first degree murder can not be trusted not to be a threat to additional victims, and should therefore, be eliminated as a threat to society, BECAUSE THE PEOPLE MATTER.


The most basic unit of human society is the family.  While there are many competing definitions of what a family is floating around today, the God-given standard has not changed.  Family is based on marriage between one man and one woman.  Marriage is nothing other than that.  Therefore, a family does not consist of just any old conglomeration of people anyone may want to define as family.  Children need both their legitimate mother and father, not two mommies or two daddies.  I have twice offered legislation to uphold our Marriage Amendment, regardless of the Obergefell decision of the US Supreme Court, as our NCGOP Party Platform calls on us to do.   Social programs that encourage illegitimacy are ruining our society.  We need to reform them so that the traditional family structure of husband and wife raising their children together is encouraged and strengthened.  There are some cases in which single parents are struggling to do the best they can to fulfill the roles of both mother and father to their children, perhaps for reasons beyond their control.  We need to seek ways to ease their burden and honor their sacrifices, as well.  Adoption should also be honored and supported in the case of married couples, but never allowed to same gender couples.  Parents should be recognized as the first authority, with the first responsibility over their children’s education and discipline.  Options such as home schooling, private schooling, or charter schools should not be treated as any less legitimate than those of government-run schools.  Sex education is ideally done by the parents in the home.  If it is necessary to conduct sex education in the school system, it should be done only with parental consent and approval of materials, and should be based on the assumption that the best choice is abstinence until marriage.  Any person, whether a school official or employee or otherwise, who counsels a minor female to have an abortion, or transports that child to an abortion facility, especially without her parents’ consent, should be tried as an accessory to murder and for reckless endangerment of a minor, and severely punished.  To regain the former greatness of our society, we must do all we can to encourage and strengthen the institution of the family, BECAUSE THE PEOPE MATTER.